The Wedding Album

The Wedding Album revolves around a wedding photographer and his assistant, who attempt to find romance in their own lives while shooting the marriages of Houston hotshots.

Big Client aired 3/29/06
When Bill Rose sees how well the client heís trying to land gets along with Alexís boyfriend, he pretends he has decided to give Scott a chance, and invites him along to an important business dinner. Alex discovers Billís deception, and deceives him right back, by pretending she and Scott have gotten engaged. But when she and Scott say "I love you" for the first time, Alex is no longer pretending...

Like a Virgin aired 11/03/04
"Purity Tests" are the latest craze at Neptune High, but someone is spilling the studentsí scores - and secrets. 09er Meg enlists Veronicaís help to find out who is ruining her reputation. Veronica in turn enlists computer-whiz Mac... and scores herself a new friend in the bargain. And a prison visit with Abel Koontz reveals some secrets about Veronica herself.

Clash of the Tritons (cowritten with Phil Klemmer) aired 2/07/05
The anniversary of Lilly Kaneís murder leads all of the kids at Neptune to remember where they were when she died - or, in Duncanís case, admit that he canít remember anything at all. What Duncanís not admitting, though, is that heís a member of a secret society called the Tritons, who are trying to get Veronica into even more trouble than usual...

The Cold War aired 2/03/04
When the temperature drops outside, New Yorkers head inside and look for ways to generate heat. Carrie is left cold when Petrovsky refuses to talk about his work. Things heat up for Charlotte when she enters "Elizabeth Taylor" in a dog show. And when rumors circulate about Smith, Samantha bares all to set the record straight.